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Electronic communication Etiquette workshop

In the current work environment, most professional transactions are conducted through electronic means of communication. It is no longer uncommon for employees to have most of their daily professional communication via the phone or other electronic media such as e-mail and instant messages. Many employees spend most of their workday listening to, reading, and then responding to telephone and other electronic communications. Despite the importance of communication skills through these channels, many people lack an understanding of the basic components and principles that lead to excellent phone calls and electronic communication that achieve the companies’ desired goals. This workshop will highlight the best techniques and practices of communications via phone, email, instant messaging and various social media platforms. It will illustrate the vital role electronic communication plays in building and managing relationships effectively.

 Basic Topics

·       What is electronic communication?

·       Types of electronic communication in business

·       Essential elements of communication

·       Written communication (Different type of written communication (Transactional, informational, instructional …), Most common written communication in business: Email etiquette. Other less common written communication in business (chat, text, letters, notes ….etc)

·       Telephone communication (Type of calls, Basic skills, Dealing with different cultures and accents, Going the extra mile, Dealing with angry customers/ callers)

·       Other electronic communication examples in business (Video conferences, zoom meetings, ….etc)

·       Written and verbal communication, which is better!!

·       Evolution of communication from baby boomers to generation Z

·       Communication skills to overcome generation gap

For first Participation 40JD for second Participation 30JD for third Participation 20JD

Electronic communication etiquette