Number of hours
15 hours

Course Description:
The course will discuss the Following:
•    Administrative organization (concept, elements, principles)
•    The concept of the organizational structure, the organizational chart.
•    The organizational structure shows the vocabulary and lines in the organization.
•    Purposes achieved by organizational structures.
•    Factors affecting the design of the structure.
•    The stages of designing the organizational structure.
•    Types of organizational structures.
•    Models of organizational structures (executive, functional, matrix .....etc).
•    How to prepare the organizational guide (bylaws) for the organization.
•    Job analysis and classification.
•    Basic concepts and terms in the analysis process.
•    The concept of job analysis.
•    Job analysis process.
•    Aspects of collecting job information.
•    Stages of job analysis steps.
•    Job descriptions.
•    Components of a job description.
•    Job requirements.
•    Common errors in setup and development
•    Job description.
•    Job description improvement factors.
Targeted Audience:
This course is intended for those working in human resource management, development and operations engineering