Number of hours
20 Hours

Course Description  
In the present era, the vocational and technical education and training have played a pivotal role in managing economic and social life, because it is one of the main tributaries in the preparation and development of human resources, not to mention that it is one of the important tools in reducing the problem of poverty. It also directly affects the reduction of the unemployment problem, and the increase in per capital income and standard of living, not only that, but it also constitutes the most important test around which development plans revolve with its technical and professional terms, and is responsible for the rapid adaptation to the nature of the accelerated transformations accompanying the technology revolution, And the information revolution along with other higher education institutions.
The reality of vocational and technical education and training in developed countries indicates that these countries attach great importance to this type of education, so that some universities there have gone to take a share of this cake on the basis that vocational and technical education and training are a social and civilizational necessity dictated by the requirements of the times, which made Japan, Australia, America, Germany and Britain are at the forefront of the world's economies, and making education and training centers in them attract those wishing for more proficiency, training or retraining on everything new. most Arab countries have tended to increase their interest in developing the vocational and technical education and training system, the same applies to the relevant Arab regional organizations. In order to follow up on this development, it requires the availability of measurement indicators (KPIs) with the aim of evaluating these developments and changes taking place, and showing their impact on economic and social development. In addition to linking this to the United Nations goals for sustainable development until 2030, in particular the goal of ensuring quality, equitable and inclusive education for all and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.
The number of indicators related to vocational and technical education and training is (40) indicators that deal with many issues related to enrollment in vocational and technical education and training, students flow from one stage of education to another or to the labor market, education expenses, the cost of each graduate, teacher qualifications, and others.

Target Audience
The program targets workers in various institutions in the public and private sectors and civil society organizations, in particular:
• Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Labor, and Planning
• Vocational Schools
• Vocational and technical education and training institutions
• Employers and workers unions
• Related persons from researchers and specialists