Face-To-Face Selling Skills

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Face-To-Face Selling Skills))

Trainer : Azzam Jamal

Program Goals :

- Refine the skill of direct dealing with clients.

- Outperforming the competition in attracting and retaining customers


Basic contents:

1. Principles of effective selling.

Basic concepts in selling

Goods promotion and sales skills.

2. Basic selling skills.

- Successful sales presentation skills in interviews and sales deals.

- How to successfully end interviews and sales deals.

Characteristics and advantages of an effective salesman and his role in marketing the company's products

Corporate and retail sales skills.

3-Handling objections.

Converting casual customers into regular customers

- differentiation of types of customers; And how to deal with them

- Practicing effective communication skills with clients

Dealing with customer objections skillfully and effectively.

Types of customers and how to deal with them.

Types of customer objections and how to respond to and deal with them.

4- Opening and closing the sales meeting.

 Characteristics of an effective sales and collection man.

The sales function and its relationship to marketing activity.

Important selling advice.

 5- The sales function and its relationship to marketing activity.

6 -Goods promotion and sales skills.

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