Number of hours
20 Hours

The messages we send when communicating with others without uttering a single word can be more meaningful than our verbal communication with them. According to studies done on this topic, the majority of messages the recipient receives do not come from what we say, but from the way we say it. Therefore, body language is the most influential factor in the way others interpret our messages and personalities. Physical gestures can add credibility to what we are saying or make the recipient question the message and ultimately, make it difficult for them to take us seriously. Mastering reading body language is not about learning how to control our gestures, movements, and behaviors. It is about building the skill to send non-verbal messages that match the verbal ones and develop the ability to interpret what we receive from others with confidence. Whether you are looking to become a better communicator or simply build better relationships through better communication, this Body Language Basics course will provide you with what you want and help you reach your goals.

Target Audience:

This course targets all people whose jobs require a deeper understanding of their customers such as sales staff, mental health workers, supervisors, team leaders and any individual interested in developing this skill.