Number of hours
16 Hours

Course Description:
There are many training programs that deal with various topics related to human resources and its management, but the importance of this Training program stems from its handling of the risks arising from the wrong and inadequate applications of human resources management functions in terms of planning, organizing, implementing, directing and evaluating. It has been specifically designed to meet the need of various organizations in the public and private sectors to objectively avoid risks in the field of human resource management with clear and realistic scientific methods and standards, to reduce the possibility of their occurrence, and to treat them if they occur, enabling these organizations to achieve their goals, and to apply the comprehensive management approach in A framework of transparency, accountability , review, and increasing the quality of service delivery with ease.
This program boldly and objectively deals with many issues that are not usually addressed within the organizational frameworks of business organizations, and this may leads to covere up , because of the higher management belief that this can affect the image of these organizations in the minds of their internal (employees) and external beneficiaries, while it is considered that This action is an  escape from confronting oneself and dealing with the potential risks or realities, which will affect   their survival, and  also their continuation and  may lead to the aggravation and the inability to control such risks in the future.

Target Audience:
The program targets workers in various institutions in the public and private sectors, and civil society organizations, in particular:
• Human resources managers, their deputies and their assistants
• Planning Managers
• Quality Control Managers
• Related persons.