Risk management in the field of human resources

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Risk management in the field of human resources

Lutfi Bdarneh

Price 100 JD

Date : 25feb, 4,11 March 2023

Time 1-5 PM


Target groups: human resource managers, their deputies and assistants, planning managers, and related persons


Program topics / themes (training content)


a- The concept of human resources.

b- The concept of risk and its management.

C- Human resources risks resulting from the internal environment of the organization:

  risks arising from employment

  Risks arising from the Human Resources Development Department

  Risks arising from labor relations management

  Risks resulting from occupational safety and health of workers.

d- Human resource risks resulting from the organization's external environment

E- The measures to be taken to address risks in the field of human resources

F- Human resources information system and its role in risk management.

G - Practical training on risk management in the field of human resources.


 Training methods:


Training sessions and lectures, open discussion sessions, exercises and practical applications

إدارة المخاطر في مجال الموارد البشرية